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Domestic Services

Sameday Express:

This additional service is available on a National level, Mondays to Fridays, a collection can be arranged from your physical address and delivered to the receivers physical address in any Main centre in South Africa within the sameday as collection, however, it is dependant on flight availability.
These times can only be determined on the day the consignment is lodged with the Airlines. There is a flight schedule booklet that is available to the public depicting the various destinations and flights available.

Generally, the consignments needs to be lodged with the airlines 1 hour before the departure and takes approximately 1 hour for the consignment to be cleared and released after arrival at the airport of destination.

improWEB is dependant on the following factors when lodging sameday shipments with the Airlines:

  • Flight availability
  • Weather conditions
  • Technical delays
These factors cannot be controlled or monitored by improWEB or any other Supplier.

Overnight Express:

This is an express overnight service between all Main Centre's and their immediate surrounds. Delivery will be effected the following working day by 10h30.

The following options are available for Overnight Express:

  • Door to Door   
  • Door to Post Office Box   
  • Door to Post Office Counter    
  • Door to PostNet Counter   
Budget Courier:

This service is for "not so urgent" consignments. Should you need to send a consignment that is not time sensitive for delivery, you would utilise domestic next day.

The consignment will be collected from your door in any major centre in South Africa, and be delivered the next working day to the physical door of the receiver.

Please allow for 24 to 48 hours for delivery, to all Major Centre's and their immediate surrounds. These shipments are lodged at the Airports, but do not take preference over the domestic overnight express shipments.

The domestic next day shipments are lodged on the first available flight after the domestic overnight express shipments have been sent. This service cannot be used for any consignments being delivered to a Post Office Box, Post Office Counter or a PostNet Store in South Africa.

Road Freight:

A road freight service to all areas in South Africa, deliveries will be effected 48 to 72 hours from shipping for all Main Centres'. This delivery time may vary should the consignment be going to a regional destination in South Africa.

In the event of the delivery being to a Regional Area, allow for 72 to 96 hours for delivery. All shipments are lodged with suppliers that specialise in road transportation door to door. Your shipments are physically driven in a vehicle from point of collection to point of delivery.

Domestic Road Freight is not item specific, but generally utilised for bulky and heavy goods.
Domestic Special Services

Public Holidays:

Should you require a delivery to be effected on a public holiday, to any major centre in South Africa, improWEB are able to do so.

No guaranteed time is given for this service, as it is dependent on flight availability.

A surcharge will be levied for any delivery effected on a Public Holiday. Should the delivery be to a regional area, a "drive - away" will have to be arranged. This rate will be levied over and above the domestic overnight express, public holiday charge. The cost is determined on a rate per kilometre that will be travelled on a round trip, from the Airport of destination.

Please e-mail us at to arrange this delivery and submit a quotation to you.

Saturday Delivery:

A Saturday service is available to any major centre in South Africa. A surcharge will be levied over and above the domestic overnight express rate.

Delivery can be expected between 08h30 and 13h00. Should a Saturday service be requested for delivery to a regional area, a "drive - away" will have to be arranged. This rate will be levied over and above the domestic overnight express, saturday deliver charge. The cost is determined on a rate per kilometre that will be travelled on a round trip, from the Airport of destination.

Please e-mail us at to arrange this delivery and submit a quotation to you.

Early Delivery

An early delivery can be arranged to all Main Centres' Monday to Friday at an additional surcharge, over and above the domestic overnight express rate.

Deliveries will be effected no later 09h00 the following working day. This is dependent on there being no technical delays with the airlines, which could cause a delay in delivery. Should you require an early delivery to a regional area, this can be done subject to request and on acceptance of a quotation.

Please e-mail us at for your quotation.

Embassies and Consulates

Due to the manner in which Embassies and Consulates operate, no specific delivery time can be given when delivering to these environments.

Couriers have to Queue and are generally assisted on a first come - first serve basis.

Some Embassies and Consulates only allow couriers to deliver between 08h30 and 09h30 daily, therefore due to the time sensitive nature of this business, this is the reason for the additional charge when delivering into Embassies and Consulates.

International Services

International Documents

A consignment collected from your door in South Africa and delivered to the receiver's door anywhere in the world.

International Documents is specifically for loose, unbound printed matter only. This excludes proposals, bank drafts, deeds or any bound printed matter that cannot be faxed.

Delivery times are zone specific. Each destination is linked to a zone and these zones are linked to transit times for deliveries.

When submitting your transaction, you will be notified on the destinations zones and transit times.

International Non-Documents

For any other items that are not loose printed matter can be sent using international non-documents.

Please refer to the description of the parcels when completing your transaction as to ensure that you do not send any prohibited, hazardous or dangerous goods. You will be prompted to insert a value for your consignment, and dependant on this, you will be notified as to what documents customs will require to ensure expedious treatment of your goods.

Destination zones and transit times can be viewed when completing your area of destination..

Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage

A consignment collected from your door in South Africa and delivered to the airport of destination to await clearance and collection by the customer.

Excess baggage is designed to satisfy the corporate travellers requirements. improWEB provides a competitive and cost effective alternative to paying the airlines directly at the time of embarking on your journey.

An anticipated saving of 60% can be expected. The reason for this is that airlines provide discounted cargo tariffs to travelling passengers although this needs to negotiated prior to departure.

This service is available to destinations that the passenger is destine for.

Unaccompanied Baggage

A consignment collected from your door in South Africa and delivered to a selected airport to await clearance and collection by the customer.

This service is similar to the Excess Baggage service although the rate is not as favourable due to the fact that the person making use of the service need not be a passenger.

Hours Of Service

improWEB will gladly assist you with any collection request you may have.

Should any special delivery requirements need to be met on either a Saturday, After Hours or Public Holiday, kindly ensure that this information is communicated to us,you may contact our support number.

Please note that should any online or telephonic collections be placed between the following hours, the collections will be effected as follows:

Area Of Collection Accepted Time Of Collection Collection Effected
Major Area 08H00 - 14H00 On Sameday as request
Major Area 14h00 - 17h00 Following working day
Regional Area 08h00 - 12h00 On Sameday as request
Regional Area 12h00 - 17h00 Following working day

Please note that if collections are placed after 14h00 for major areas and after 12h00 for regional collections, there will be a working day's delay in the delivery of the shipment. These shipments may not be delivered the following working day. In order to guarantee a next working day delivery, please ensure that you comply to the above times.

Should a Sameday collection be requested for deliver Afterhours, a surcharge will be levied.
If a collection is placed either telephonically or online for collection on a Friday for delivery Saturday, a "Saturday surcharge" will be levied for the delivery. This delivery can be expected between 08h00 - 13h00.

Any requests for a delivery or collection effected on a Public Holiday will also attract a surcharge.